Thursday, 26 November 2009

The formal elements


Light can determine a mood of a piece and the illusion of a piece. Lots of light and bright colours will insinuate a happy, positive feeling and the use of light can make the illusion of a three dimentional appearence on a two dimentional surface. I chose my sample of snake skin and the drawing of a snake to explore the element of light as i think that the drawing has light and dark areas that create the illusion of a shiny surface on the snake skin and also a three dimentional effect. My sample uses light in a more literal way, I have glued on reflective materials os large pieces of glitter to actually reflect light to give a shiny effect to the snake skin. I put both images up as i wanted to eplore the illusion of light and physical, actual light and how these can be acomplished through work.

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