Friday, 27 November 2009

The formal elements


Shape refers to any area of a imagined or real object which is defined and rendered by other elements such as texture, line, colour, space or light. Like line, shape is an important element in both the rendering and seeing of art, it is used by the artist for three fundamental purposes.1. To suggest or represent a physical form.
2. To achieve order, variety, and harmony in the composition.
3. To express different qualities of moods and feelings.
I decided to relate the element of shape to the Alexander Mcqueen shoe as the shape of the piece is what makes it original and a statement piece. The extreme high heel and the rounded narrow front of the shoe distorts the image of a foot and also makes the model walk in a new manner. The shoe is surreal and compliments the animalistic and also surreal garment of alexander mcqeen that accompanies the shoe.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

The formal elements


Light can determine a mood of a piece and the illusion of a piece. Lots of light and bright colours will insinuate a happy, positive feeling and the use of light can make the illusion of a three dimentional appearence on a two dimentional surface. I chose my sample of snake skin and the drawing of a snake to explore the element of light as i think that the drawing has light and dark areas that create the illusion of a shiny surface on the snake skin and also a three dimentional effect. My sample uses light in a more literal way, I have glued on reflective materials os large pieces of glitter to actually reflect light to give a shiny effect to the snake skin. I put both images up as i wanted to eplore the illusion of light and physical, actual light and how these can be acomplished through work.

The formal elements


Nothing exists without space. It can be two dimentional or three dimentional. Space can be the placement of objects that can give the illusion of space,and the overlapping of objects on the picture plane can also create space. I have chosen this piece by Eley Kishimoto as it does not leterally express space but I personally think it has a strong feeling and connection of space. The garment is incredibly abstract and somewhat confusing. the placement of the leather is odd; it looks like it should be a waistcoat, and the red circle is extremely distinctive and works as a focus point to bring the garment together. The piece is also made surreal throught the make up on the model and the shoes. I think that the garment gives an illusion of space as the leather and the red circle is sparcely placed on the dress in strange a strange composition. the Red is incredibly bright; contrasting to the transparent soft white and so the red alsmost looks three dimentional, also another illusion of space.

The formal elements


Line is much more than what it simply is. It is also a vision and a feeling. Line consists of marks that can be drawn, or it can be the external edge of a form or shape. The two main types of line are straight or curved. I chose my drawing for the element of line as i think the lines between the shapes are distinctive and pulls the hole image together. Without the lines, the drawing would be random floating objects with no meaning, however the line join each segment and brings the picture together. The lines wotks particularly effective in this piece and I also liked how the lines almost look like thin rivers flowing into eachother between the islands (shapes).

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The formal elements


Form has multiple meanings, it has volume and mass, it is the literal materials 'the form it is made of' or can be a composition of a form. I have chosen another garment by alexander mcqueen; I think that this garment represents form well as it has two diverse forms that have been put together to create one piece. the smooth, reptile red dress and the hard angular armour suit underneath. These two forms put together makes the garment have a multiple of meanings and gives a whole new dimention to the piece.

The formal elements


Texture can be both emotional and physical; emotional - creating the illusion of texture, physical - actual texture on surface, rough, smooth etc. Texture gives a piece body, detail, and surface. I think this piece by Gaultier illustrates texture extremely well through detail ans intricate layers of leather and coarse stitching. The texture of the garment adds a whole new illusion and meaning to the piece. The illusion is the egsaggeration of the female form, hips bust and shoulders are enhanced by the edgy shaped angular sculpting on the garment. The meaning and initial impression of the garment reminds me strongly of reptiles from the layered and joined pieces of intricate leather shapes.

The formal elements


Colour is the most emotional element of art as it directly affects the emotions of the audience; which determins the mood, thought and actions. In previous centuries colour was termed the sensual part of art because it attacked emotions directly and had no boundaries or rules. I chose this paerticular piece by Alexander Mcqueen as he explores colour hugely in this garment to create the effect of an exotic reptile feel to the piece. Without the colour and the reflective materials, the garment would not have the same meaning and; the colour is what creates the mood atmosphere and part of meaning of the piece.