Friday, 27 November 2009

The formal elements


Shape refers to any area of a imagined or real object which is defined and rendered by other elements such as texture, line, colour, space or light. Like line, shape is an important element in both the rendering and seeing of art, it is used by the artist for three fundamental purposes.1. To suggest or represent a physical form.
2. To achieve order, variety, and harmony in the composition.
3. To express different qualities of moods and feelings.
I decided to relate the element of shape to the Alexander Mcqueen shoe as the shape of the piece is what makes it original and a statement piece. The extreme high heel and the rounded narrow front of the shoe distorts the image of a foot and also makes the model walk in a new manner. The shoe is surreal and compliments the animalistic and also surreal garment of alexander mcqeen that accompanies the shoe.

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