Thursday, 26 November 2009

The formal elements


Nothing exists without space. It can be two dimentional or three dimentional. Space can be the placement of objects that can give the illusion of space,and the overlapping of objects on the picture plane can also create space. I have chosen this piece by Eley Kishimoto as it does not leterally express space but I personally think it has a strong feeling and connection of space. The garment is incredibly abstract and somewhat confusing. the placement of the leather is odd; it looks like it should be a waistcoat, and the red circle is extremely distinctive and works as a focus point to bring the garment together. The piece is also made surreal throught the make up on the model and the shoes. I think that the garment gives an illusion of space as the leather and the red circle is sparcely placed on the dress in strange a strange composition. the Red is incredibly bright; contrasting to the transparent soft white and so the red alsmost looks three dimentional, also another illusion of space.

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