Tuesday, 3 November 2009


I will be attending an exhibition at the Annroy gallery. the exhibition is photography of the abstract works of a make up designer, Alex Box. the reason i selected to attend this particular exhibition is because i was instantly inspired from the instance of seeing the main image of the exhibition and i believe it is important to be interested and aspired by the artist that you are going to explore about. i also think it relates to my project and theme as it distorts the human form, making the person look animalistic and the bright colours and patterns also relates well to the vibrant colours and patterns of reptile skin.
Book launch and exhibition
In the first ever extensive collection and exhibition of her work Alex Box gives full access to images which radically unsettle and deconstruct conventional concepts of beauty in fashion. Using everything from pigment to post-its to magically transform her models Alex opens up the human form to a fantastical and expressive range of new possibilities.

Her unconventional approach to make-up emerged from her Chelsea art school experimentations in sculpture and performance, Alex Box’s mature work uniquely merges fantasy, fashion, science and illustration. Almost anthropological in her exploration of the face, Alex liberates each image from the constraints of reality in arresting images which are colourful, humorous and sometimes disturbing.

Hosted at Annroy, Rankin’s new Kentish Town gallery space, the exhibition moves from dark Berlin cabaret to kaleidoscopic clown. Each creation is an instinctive response to the moment, the model and the mood to form a moving expression of the many faces of beauty.

Her collaboration with Rankin who shot the images for the book, and her work for designers including Gareth Pugh and Karl Lagerfeld, creates a powerful fusion of art and performance with fashion. She imaginatively investigates fashion’s many modes of representation and as such is both a critic and a confidant. ‘The minute you obliterate somebody’s spirit, you’re abusive”

These images by contrast show mysterious, moving and exotic creatures, empowered by their abstraction and the endless possibilities of transformation...
though of the day-wear a lonely hairband


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