Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Designers for inspiration and creating links

Third blog entry
Here are some images of the works by designers which will lead onto further inspiration and links to future work...
Designer: John Galliano

Connections:the texture and composition of the beading work on the garment is similar to the textures and patterns of the skin of reptiles. Personally, i think that it relates to reptile skin as it reminds me of the shapes and surface of animal skin and i think that this effect is created through the colourful background of what appears to look like a bold pink coloured satin from the fabric of the dress with the earthy organic colours of the beading work of golds, creams, whites and browns which would represent reptile skin as their skin colour is colourful but the actual scales are a transparent earthy colour covering the shiny bright skin, similar to the satin. the fact that the beading consists of shells and other beads which could be made out of natural sources also links back to organic materials and nature, in fact shells itself has once come from a shellfish which is an animal, contributing to the animalistic theme and where all the materials came from. the styling of the models hair also compliments the animal-like textures of the garment as her hair has been crimped; creating a rippled texture which could be similar to the surface of a shell or just simply reflecting and complimenting the beading textures on the garment. the hair being slicked back flatters the dress as it has enough boldness from the texture and oversized bun, but doesn't draw attention away from the main focus. the styling of the hair also highlights the neckline of the dress and the jewellery as the hair pulled back exposes the flesh around the upper area of the body. the makeup on the model is simple but still enhances her bold blue eyes and the eye shadow used is a sandy blend of natural colours which work well with golds in the beading work and also the gold used in the jewellery. the jewellery worn by the model looks bone like which creates a tribal feel and again adding to the animal theme of the piece as it relates back to where the materials came from in which this case would be from a part of an animal's skeleton. i think that the mood and atmosphere created by the piece and the styling of the model as a whole is safari, animalistic and tribal; the ethnic style of the beading work and the bone-like jewellery which add elements to create the mood as the style of fashion in this case is similar to what some tribal people might wear and where they came from relates back to animals and also the patterns of beading work and hair relates to animal skin as i have commented on.

Designer: Eley Kishimoto

Connections: The helmet makes the model look detached from reality and lookind alien or animal like. the print on the garment is again reminding me of scales and animal skin.

Designer: Vivienne Westwood

Connections: the fact that the models arms are being tied behing her back distorts the image of a human body which then turns into a whole new image and brings a different meaning to the garment. the garment intself is quite animal like as personally, i think that the tule looks like bird wings and the whole piece put together makes the model look like and animal.

Thaught of the day- put jam in your cheese sandwich.

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